Engineer Contractor Jobs North West


What is the process if I chose to engage with Perpetual?

We want to know you and your ambitions. As a result you should expect a one to one interview with one of our consultants and an “open door policy” whereby you can contact your consultant at any time with questions and general updates.

When should I leave my current job?

For us it’s simple – leaving your current role should be a last resort. We will always advise that you have a conversation with your current employers to try and overcome issues that can be resolved. If your concerns lie with issues that cannot be resolved following that conversation then we would be happy to talk about what the market can offer you.

Can I move to a different role/industry?

The answer to this question is always yes! Our clients are focused on recruiting the right cultural fit for their businesses. Skills can be learnt, behaviours of individuals is much harder to teach. If you display the right behaviours we believe we can help you find the right role.

What is the cost to me if I work with Perpetual?

Nothing! As a candidate there is no charge to you for working with us in finding your new role.

What support should I expect from Perpetual throughout the recruitment process?

Working with us means that from the initial conversation through to starting in your new role will be a seamless as possible. Our experienced team can offer support from pre interview tips through to handing in your notice and even relocation advice.


What levels of service can Perpetual offer my business?

We offer different solutions found in our “clients” tab. We take each business and role on a purely individual basis. We want to understand your business and the type of people you need to recruit. Working together we can find an approach that works for you and your organisation.

What locations do you recruit for?

Being part of the Cygnet Group means our international contacts are just as strong as our UK links. We can recruit for both UK and overseas appointments applying the same processes and principles to our work. This means our approach will be no different to the approach you should expect if you were in the office next door – wherever your location.

What should I expect if I work with Perpetual?

As a business that is searching for talented engineering staff ourselves we have a defined and quality driven approach that we know works. First and foremost a company meeting to understand your business in the best possible way. From there an agreed action plan setting time scales and dates for both parties to work to. You should also expect agreed milestone updates and support from us right through to making a candidate an offer and them starting with your company.

I am looking to recruit for a role but I’m not sure Perpetual can help me?

We work in one way only – honestly. If you have a role that you are searching for top talent for then all you need to do is ask us. If it is something we can’t help with then we will try and help you find a recruiter that can. We have strong relationships with recruitment companies that operate in different industries to ourselves and will gladly advise on the best people to help you.